About AB-Con Termite & Pest Control

AB-Con has over 40 years experience providing outstanding quality and service to homes and businesses in Southern New Jersey. We look forward to serving you.

Serving Customers Since 1984

Ed Runquist - Owner - AB-Con Termite and Pest Control South JerseyIn 1984, Ed Runquist, Jr. founded AB-Con Termite and Pest Control Services. In the beginning, Ed worked extensive hours managing every single aspect of the business. His impeccable attention to detail and a developing reputation for prompt, high-quality service at a competitive price proved to be a recipe for success. Through word-of-mouth recommendations, satisfied, loyal customers grew his business by leaps and bounds.

Our commitment to the pest management business, set the standard for pest control services in South Jersey’s Camden, Burlington, and Gloucester Counties. From its humble beginnings, AB-Con has now grown into a full-service company serving residential, commercial, and industrial customers.  At AB-Con, the job is finished when the results are delivered.

AB-Con Termite & Pest Control Services now includes:

  • AB-Con Termite & Pest Control
  • AB-Con Construction – Structural Damage Repairs

We thank you for entrusting us with the protection of you, your family, and your property. It is our pleasure to be of service to you!