Did you have Unwanted Guests at your Memorial Day Barbeque in South Jersey?

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We have all been waiting for the relentless rainstorms to stop and to have the sun shining on us again. Well, it finally happened this weekend in South Jersey!

We had 3 Glorious days of 90 degree weather and sunshine on our three-day weekend. I don’t know about you, but my family and I were outside almost the entire time.

We had loads of lawn work to catch up on, several dead bushes to remove, a family garden to maintain, and in between all that hard work, we managed to entertain with several outdoor barbeques and play in the pool.

Summer may be here, but with it brings all types of nuisance pests – Here are our Top 5:

1. Yellowjackets: If you had a barbeque you may have noticed yellowjackets hovering around. They are attracted to all those unfinished sugary drinks like lemonade, juice boxes or soda cans. Yellowjackets sting repeatedly and can cause allergic reactions in many people.  To keep these stinging insects away from your guests, serve sugary drinks in covered pitchers and keep desserts in sealed containers. To keep these pests away from your recycling cans – a quick rinse of the containers should help.

2. Mosquitoes: One of the summer’s most notorious pests, mosquitoes will get an early start this year due to all the wet weather we experienced in South Jersey. Looking to breed in stagnant water, it only takes mosquitoes 10 to 14 days to develop from an egg into an adult. To prevent mosquitoes from invading a backyard barbeque, remove sources of standing water, such as old tires, children’s wading pools, birdbaths and saucers of flowerpots. Additionally, keep rain gutters cleaned out to prevent water from standing in drains and cut back or get rid of unnecessary vegetation around the home where mosquitoes can breed and/or nest.

3. Ants: There are more than 700 different species of ants in the United States that could ruin a barbeque. Carpenter antsodorous house ants, and argentine ants are the most common types of ants that are found in and around homes this time of the year. To prevent ants from ruining a backyard party, make sure that firewood is not stored next to the home, keep food sealed in airtight containers (especially sweets) and cut back tree branches and other plants away from the house.

4. House flies: With the kids running in and out of the house all day – in addition to a huge air conditioning bill you will get house flies. Mostly considered a nuisance pest, house flies have a lifespan of 15 to 25 days. They feed on almost any food source. To prevent this unwanted guest from crashing a barbeque, remove trash regularly and use well-sealed garbage cans. Food should also be kept in airtight containers and opened only when it is ready to be eaten.

5. Stink bugs: Not typically a party crasher, but who wants those little dinosaurs crawling around the picnic table? In the summer Stink bugs can generally be found in or near gardens – they really like fruits and veggies. At night, they are attracted to light and may be seen swarming about. To prevent stink bugs from entering homes and buildings, seal cracks around windows, doors, siding, utility pipes, behind chimneys, and underneath the wood fascia and other openings. Use a good quality silicone or silicone-latex caulk. Damaged screens on doors and windows should be repaired or replaced.

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