Preparing for Occasional Invaders – Crickets

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Crickets usually invade homes at the end of the summer and early fall. As the nights cool down, crickets begin to move indoors. They come inside looking for water, food and warmth.

When crickets find their way inside homes, sheds and buildings, they can damage clothing, carpeting and other fabrics. They can eat through large areas of fabric, and are especially attracted to clothes soiled with perspiration.

House crickets are nocturnal and usually hide in dark, warm places during the day. Male house crickets chirp to attract females and this may cause you many sleepless nights.

Things you can do now to prevent this future invasion:

1) Seal up entry points around your home or building – check your doors and windows, check for cracks in walls/foundations and fill them, check seals around exterior utility pipes. Check and repair all screens in windows and doors.

2) Reduce/eliminate moisture sources in and around your home or building – mow lawns and weed plant beds. Do not allow ivy and other ground covers to grow next to or up, the foundation.

3) If you store firewood – move it away from your home or building.

4) Remove tall weeds and leaf piles from the perimeter of your home or building.

5) Crickets are attracted to blue electric lights – change your outdoor lights to yellow bulbs or sodium vapor lamps.

If you are still having a problem – call a certified pest control professional – like AB-Con. We can help eliminate the invaders and can also repair any damage they may cause.