Are Ants Marching Into Your South Jersey Home?

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Odorous House Ant - Tapinoma sessileAnts naturally go into a state of inactivity during winter months. Our South Jersey winter was mild and now that spring is here their re-appearance will cause many homeowner headaches.

People often wonder why they cannot eliminate ants on their own. Many claim they have tried every product available at the store.

The items you can purchase over the counter are not manufactured to penetrate the core of the problem. The products are made to merely kill the ants that are visible.

You may attempt to treat the issue with a product from the store and then find the ants return to the same “treated” location and/or in a different place because the ants have moved their colony.

Ant colonies have multiple classes of ants within the colony and only a few of the classes leave the colony to forage for food. In order to ensure that the infestation is controlled, a product must be used that the ants will retrieve and carry back to the colony.

As America’s Number 1 nuisance pest and more than 20 ant species infesting structures across the country — each with their own behavioral characteristics, preferred nesting sites and food preferences — ants can be a significant challenge to control even for a seasoned professional.

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* Odorous House Ant (Tapinoma sessile) Image courtesy of Joseph Berger,