Don’t Let Termites Divide and Conquer Your South Jersey Home!

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Termite Swarmers

Do you see flying termites EVERY spring? Some South Jersey homeowners do.

If you think purchasing an over-the-counter product is solving your termite problem – think again…and don’t waste your hard-earned money!

Termite swarms in the spring are a sign that the termite colony is too large and looking for a new food source.

Swarmers (…the technical term is “winged reproductives”) are sent out to mate, reproduce and build a new colony…usually very close to the old one!

When termites swarm on warm, humid days – they only live a few hours – don’t waste your money spraying them – they will die on their own after their task is complete!

This type of termite is harmless to you and your family.

Swarming termites are a sign of a much larger problem – one that you cannot see.

subtertermiteThe “worker” termites – left unchecked can cause damage to your home. In South Jersey we have “subterranean termites” – the MOST DESTRUCTIVE of all termite species.

You think you may have “killed off” the termites – but the rest of the termite colony is alive and well – eating below the surface and a new termite colony has been established.

It is best to call a professional at the first sign of a termite infestation. AB-Con’s certified professionals will inspect your home looking for signs that termites live beneath the surface.

AB-Con has over a 40 years experience in detectingtreating and repairing damage from termite infestations.

Call AB-Con today and have your termite problems solved correctly from the start!