It’s Groundhog Day again in South Jersey!

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Groundhog TrappedWe have had a heck of a time keeping up with all the calls for Groundhog removal in South Jersey.

If you’ve never seen one – here’s one up close and personal – and he is not happy! They are voracious eaters and this one is pretty plump as he is preparing for a long winter nap.

Did you know that once a Groundhog start digging, a single groundhog can produce tunnels up to fifty feet in length and up to five feet underground?

They can cause great damage to your home, garage or sheds by weakening foundations with their elaborate tunnel systems.

They are mostly herbivores – which means they feed on grasses, your landscaping and your garden.

Trapped Groundhog

Trapping and safely re-locating animals is a job best left to professionals.

If you need help trapping and removing Groundhogs give us a call!

Have your problem solved safely from the start and protect your biggest investment – your home!