Spiders and Stink Bugs and Crickets, Oh My!

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Garden SpiderThe leaves in South Jersey are already turning colors and falling – and with the fall season the cooler evenings send a signal to bugs – not to mention rodents, like mice and squirrels:

“It’s time to seek shelter for the coming winter!”

You have probably already noticed Stink Bugs clinging to your screens in the evening, tons of Spider webs on your landscaping bushes and trees, and Crickets chirping in your garage.

If you have been following us on facebook we have been providing tips for you to protect your home from these “unwanted guests.”

Here are 12 Tips – What You Can Do when the “outside” wants “in”:

  1. Caulk to seal any gaps around windows, doors, your home’s foundation and utility pipes
  2. Check your screen windows and doors and repair or replace if necessary
  3. Check weather stripping at the bottom of garage doors and entryways
  4. Keep your gutters clean
  5. Replace damaged or broken roof shingles
  6. Check to make sure attic vents are in good condition and screened
  7. Get chimneys capped
  8. Eliminate any areas of standing water and clean up yard debris
  9. Keep areas where you store garbage clean and give those trash and recycling containers a good scrubbing
  10. Remove window air conditioning units
  11. Repair leaky faucets and winterize outside access to water
  12. Store firewood at least 20 feet away from your house and 5 inches off the ground

Take a little time to keep the critters from coming in out of the cold as summer turns to fall.

If you need help reducing your risk of a winter pest invasiongive us a call!