Termite Swarmers   

South Jersey temperatures are going to hit the 70's this week and all those pests who have been hiding from the cold will begin to appear.


It's time to start thinking about scheduling a Spring Lawnspray and AB-Con is already getting calls for Termite Swarmers

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So you have been told your Cherry Hill home has termites – how do you decide between Termite Bait Stations or Traditional Liquid Termite Treatment?


There are two acceptable methods for treating a house for termites. The first is a liquid treatment applying a non-repellant termiticide that creates an invisible barrier between the entire structure and the ground. The second is a baiting system that attempts to attract termites and subsequently poison the termite colony. The baiting system approach calls for the bait stations to be placed sporadically around the house and monitored to see if termites have infested the wood bait in the station.

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House Mouse - mus domesticus


Tackling rodent infestations involves dealing with structural and sanitary issues - and the time to check your South Jersey home is NOW! As the cool weather settles in, rodents begin to head indoors, looking for warm places to nest.



1. Look for the signs of rodent's presence.


Mice come in to explore and get food, and they'll continue to come and go as long as there are entry points.


Tell-tale signs of mice include "rub marks" on walls from their oily fur and droppings that are smaller than a grain of rice with pointy edges.


It's helpful to be aware what attracts vermin. Infestations can be more common near schools and restaurants — where lots of trash bags are piled up with plenty of food for rodents. Digging and demolition disturb established populations that will head off looking for a new home.

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You should consider hiring a traditional home inspector and employing a licensed termite inspector before purchasing real estate or buying a home.


Termites. That one word can cause fear and anxiety in homeowners all over the country – but if you live in South Jersey you have nothing to worry about. Why? Because AB-Con Termite and Pest Control Professionals is here to help.


Termite damage far exceeds damage caused to homes by tornadoes, hurricanes and flooding and is rarely covered by homeowner insurance policies. Traditional home inspectors often are not thoroughly trained to recognize existing or potential termite damage. Early detection can save homeowners substantial repair costs.

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