South Jersey Residents – Re-Financing your Home?

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Interest rates are still incredibly low.

If you are re-financing your home to take advantage of these rates you may need a Wood Destroying Insect report to complete the application process from a certified professional.

Commonly called a “WDI report,” its purpose is to look for any signs of visible evidence of termites, old house borers, powder post beetlescarpenter ants, or carpenter bees that may be present in the structure.

The current owner is usually responsible for treating any reported infestation before the transaction can be completed.

You should be aware that this report covers only what an inspector concludes from what is visible on the date of the inspection. Wood-destroying insects choose secretive hiding spots that are often impossible to detect. This means that a report indicating no visible infestation is no guarantee that these insects are totally absent from the home.

As a protective measure, banks and lending institutions require that homes be inspected for damage from termites or other wood-destroying insects before closing the sale of the home or refinancing.

A Wood-Destroying Insect inspection report (WDI) is a document prepared by a licensed pest control company that informs the lending institution about termite damage or presence.

WDI reports have two-pages:

The first page provides basic information about the inspection such as the address of the property and answers general questions, such as:

Are there any obstructions or areas inaccessible to inspection?

Is there any visible evidence of infestation or evidence of a previous treatment?

The second page of the WDI report provides important consumer information regarding the scope and limitations of the inspection.

Your AB-Con Inspector will make a thorough examination & evaluation of your property.

If an infestation is found, AB-Con will recommend appropriate treatment to control the pest.

Termite treatment is warranted for one year, allowing for re-treatment at no additional cost if a further infestation is found. At your anniversary date, you may join AB-Con’s many satisfied customers with our renewal warranty program, consisting of yearly re-inspections.


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